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8th May

All the pictures from the Birmingham two day event are now up and online over on Balloon Chat, there are three pages to view so don’t forget to click over to page two and three. I ran the line work workshop and Rob Driscoll was the Star lecture for the second day. Birmingham Balloon Pictures.

We have sorted out another line work workshop for Sutton, Surrey on the 28th June. I will be running three sessions and Danielle Burnige from Dantastic Designs will be running the other workshop. We do have it on special offer till next Sunday at just £15 with a £10 voucher to spend on balloons at the day. Any questions then please ask away or to book, Sutton Line Work Workshop.

We have another free zoom workshop booked as well for May 24th, it’s at 7.30 pm UK time so please check your time zone. We will be explaining the motor bike design made from either 2 or 3 balloons If you are booking from outside the UK then please get in touch as you have to use a UK address to book. This is because the new website is just set up for shipping to the UK only, but we can get around this so please don’t worry. If you’d like to book then this is the link, Motor Bike Zoom Workshop.

I’m off travelling again next Sunday with the Trix children’s magic convention taking place in Oswestry, there are still a few places left if anyone would like to attend, it’s on from Mon to the Wed with the Tuesday being the main day if you only wanted to attend for part of the event. Trix Convention.

I’m still editing the numbers tutorials, I have looked through numbers one to five at the moment ready for Zakh to cut them about for me. Will start on six and the rest once these have been done. We are hoping they will be available at the end of May. Single numbers will be £20 each and the full set of ten for £160. There are very detailed with five or six variations on every number so you do get a choice of different styles.

The other thing we are looking into is the paid for tutorial forum/website, not sure what it should be called really but the plan was to film everything I make and put it onto the internet with a small monthly charge as when I make a design or two we usually always get asked if there are any instructions for the design. So this way everything I make will be online and also if I post the tutorial when I come to look at it in a couple of months I wont have forgotten how it was made…….. so it will even help me, he he. I was thinking if we can get it up and online for July then the cost till the end of the year would be £30, so just £5 a month, This is because it will take us a little while to get some content onto the site and hopefully make it affordable for many. We will be looking to change the price in the New Year but I have six months to see how it’s all going and in what direction I would like to take things.

That’s me for this week, off to see what the random picture of the week will be. I went with the Insta picture that
I have used for my new Insta page for my business page, balloonartwholesale.
Not sure what direction it will take but a few have said we should have one and this is the way forward so I will try and post and get a few pictures up. It might just take over from my other page that I only use occasionally which is, grahamleeballoonart.

There is a little story to the grappling hook, rope, box of roses etc, it goes back to the old TV advert, all because the lady loves Milk Tray. I did just write about it on my facebook page if you’d like to take a look, Graham Lee Facebook.