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1st May

Well we had an absolutely brilliant time up in Birmingham for the two day balloon extravaganza this week. I did a day on line work designs and Rob Driscoll was the star lecture day. It seemed to go down very well and thanks to all who attended, very much appreciated. I have started to add the pictures from both days up over on balloon chat. Balloon Extravaganza Pictures.

We are hoping to have a balloon day in Sutton in June, just checking availability and will post details as soon as we can.

You can now join the balloon artistes guild for the rest of the year, the cost is £100 and we will be having four star lecture days, hopefully a two day event in September and then a two day event in November. We will also be filming all 4 days and putting them onto the new club page for 2022, so if you are unable to attend any of the days they will all be filmed. Any questions then please ask or to book, The Balloon Artistes Guild.

We also have a free zoom motor bike balloon workshop coming up on Tuesday 24th May at 7.30 pm UK time if anyone would like to join us, if you are from outside the UK then please send me a PM and I will give you details of how to book as the website is just set up for UK address’s. Zoom Motor Bike.

It’s also BalloonTube Sunday today and as a change we have posted two designs for this month. Both are crowns as it’s the
Queen’s celebrations in June here in the UK so I thought they may come in handy. Crown Designs.

I have set up a buy me a coffee page if anyone would like to help with the cost of the running and upkeep of the forum and balloontube. Buy Me A Coffee.

Then later on this week, probably tomorrow I will put the step by step instructions up for the model of the month for May over on Balloon Chat. We have gone with a small bird design on a perch. It’s a quick three balloon design that I did take to the line work workshop this week but it was one of the designs we did not get around to showing as we had so many others to choose from.
This is where we will post the instructions later in the week. Balloon Chat Bird.

I’m also having a look into setting up a paid for tutorial page as we are coming up to 100 designs posted on BalloonTube and the plan is to stop at 100. I have been running BalloonTube I think for about 8 years now and I thought we might try a different challenge. Always good to try different things, It might work out or it may not but lets see where we are off to next. There are also over 125 designs on model of the month on Balloon Chat so plenty for everyone to take a look at and hopefully find a design or two that they like.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.