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UK TWISTER CLUB – The Balloon Artistes Guild


The Care & Share Balloon Fun days Started 15 years ago and
now have lectures and Star lecture days all over the UK.
Everyone is welcome to attend any of the days, members
and non members alike, all will be made most welcome.

Come along and join in the fun of attending up to ten balloon days around the UK.
Seven “Care & Share” days and three major “Star Lectures” from Europe and America.

The Balloon Artistes Guild 2021
Due to the ongoing pandemic with Covid 19 we are unsure
when we will be able to start the days up again.
Please contact Graham for more details, thanks XXxx

Dates for 2020
Sutton, Balloon Jam Day
22nd January

These dates to be re-arranged.
Birmingham Two Day Event
1st April, Rob Driscoll. Twisting
2nd April, Tope Abulude. Decor Twisting

Dates for 2019
Sutton, Build a Bike Day
21st January

Birmingham Two Day Event
Tobi Twist from Germany
4/5th March

Birmingham Two Day Event
Eric Weinstein from the USA
18/19th June

Airdrie, Scotland
1st October, David Crofts & Graham Lee

3rd October, David Crofts & Graham Lee

Birmingham Two Day Event
19the November, Christmas Designs
20th November, My Favourite things

Dates for 2018
Birmingham Two Day Event
Wallie de Groote from Holland
27th March Large Designs
28th March Going Big

Birmingham Two Day Event
Paul Brown 11th June, Costumes/wearables
Patrick van de Ven 12th June
Booking details.

Mark Byrne
Birmingham Two Day Event
11/12th Sept, Hats and usable designs.

New Dates for 2017
Bishops Stortford
Star Lecture Dan Catt 11th Jan.

Birmingham Two Day Event
6th March Darren Mortiboy
7th March Twistina

Worksop 25th April
Roger Daws, “Ordinary to Extraordinary”

Bristol 8th May
Care & Share Balloon Day

Bodmin 19th June
Care & Share Balloon day

Sutton Surrey Two Day Event
Star Lecture 3rd July Linda Truscheit from Germany
Star Lecture 4th July Doctor Bob Armstrong from Wales

Levett & Lee Balloon Workshops
Airdrie 5th Sept
Birmingham 7th Sept

Birmingham Two Day Event
Star Lecture 20th & 21st November
Sam Cremeens from the USA
20th Sam’s fantastic wearables and other awesome stuff
21st A few of my favourite things.

For more info and to book for all of the above, Booking Details.

Dates booked for 2016 so far are,

Bishops Stortford, 6th Jan

Two Day Event.
8th March Simon Jong
9th March Rob Driscoll

Exeter Care & Share Day
11th May

Two Day Event “The David Grist Memorial Lecture”
5th July Sabina Kellner
6th July Sabina Kellner
Both days will be completely different workshops

Basic Balloon Modelling day
22nd June.

Booking details for all the days, Booking.


A few nice comments about the days,

“Fantastic days. I will recommend these days to others”
Gingerdave July 2014

“Yes, what a fabulous two days. I am amazed at how much I learnt again.
These days just keep giving!”
Amanda Smith July 2014


“Another fantastic day today, watching an extremely talented artiste such as David Crofts
in full flow is
truly a sight to behold. I’ve learned a huge amount of things from little
tips and tricks to popping balloons
by hand to weaving techniques to some very quick
but effective models for line work. 
Over the past 2 days I have met some wonderful
people and seen some brilliant work that
has inspired me. As far as I’m concerned
my next Care & Share day cant come soon enough.

My biggest problem now is having enough
time to make all the things I want to. 

Thanks to Graham and Lynn and all involved”
Andy C July 2014

“Hi everyone who was at the Care & Share event.
Thank you for you warmth and patience with me as my first time
at any event like this. Firstly I learnt so much – which was great.
Secondly it was a wonderful environment – friendly, jovial and
every so willing to share their skills. Special thanks to Joyce for
making sure I was involved, and making sure I asked for help
every time I was stuck.
Lastly as a new starter, although in awe of many of your abilities,
I felt welcome and supported throughout by the lecturers and
everyone else there. I am sorry I didn’t get to talk to you all but,
hopefully as I get more skilled, I wont have to concentrate so much…
and can chat a little more.
Must say even having a Retail Balloon Shop…
I was even saying in my head “How do you do that with balloons”
Oh yes and thank you for the prize…. I think I was at an unfair advantage….
as Graham and David had obviously changed the rules to exclude everyone
who wasn’t Welsh, a bloke, and had never made a hat or weaved …
it kind of made their decision easy in the end
Personally the hats on display were stunning, the Whale Mask…
where do you start trying to describe that… The Rabbit by the gates –
that rabbit was straight out of a cartoon.
To the simple but so well executed ideas of the …
light bulb idea and the arrow and apple … they showed
me that twisting isnt all about bigger is better, the idea
and delivery are as much to do with it.
My personal favourite (and it is just a coincidence that she is Welsh)
was Amanda’s Hat, it was amazing, I can now see why people style
hats and clothes seriously in balloons after seeing that.
Once again thank you, and I hope to see you again in
Bristol and Birmingham”
Stuart Davies, March 2014
twister club 3
The care & share days will run with all the usual fun as known and with at least one
lecturer at every day. The three star lecturer days will have four hands on lecture/workshops
sessions throughout the day which will be filmed. All members will receive a DVD of the day,
so if you are unable to make the date you will not miss any of the action as the cost of the DVD
is included in the yearly membership.

Three DVD’s will be sent out during the year with up to four hours lecture/workshop sessions on each.
The Yearly Membership fee is just £150 including VAT.
Joint membership is £250.
International and UK members, not attending days.
Receive three DVD’s from STAR lecture day’s £99.
There is a pay monthly option plan as well.

Individual Day Prices
You can still enjoy the days without becoming a club member, to attend any Care & Share
day will cost £35 (£25 early bird) and a Star Lecture day will be £65 (£50 early bird).
The total cost if attending all days could be up to £440, the UK Twister Club fee is a
very affordable way to attend these great days which are also a great social
gathering of like minded balloon artistes.

For more details please contact us

twister club 1