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Balloon Days Update

Just to keep people updated about the balloon days here in the UK
The days from this April with Tope and Rob Driscoll that had to be postponed.
We are hoping to have them next April 2021 as long as its safe to do so.
We will keep you all informed and updated as soon as we can.
Would you like to go on our mailing list for the Club and
Balloon Art Wholesale for up to date details and special offers?
If so please email and we will add you to the list to receive details once a month.

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Would you like to expand you balloon Idea’s knowledge and experiences with other like
minded balloon artistes/entertainers in a warm and very friendly atmosphere?

If Yes then these days are definitely for you, Or for a small one off fee you could become
a member of “The Balloon Artistes Guild” More details are on the UK Twister Club page

The care & share days have been running very successfully for the past eleven years all over the UK.
The idea for the days is for everyone to enjoy themselves while expanding their balloon knowledge.
The days are designed for everyone, from the novice, beginner and experienced twister and the
balloon decorator, as we all have something to share and to give back to our great community.

People from the balloon world are some of of the most sharing and giving people around who are
more than willing to share their skills with others. There is a special bond in the balloon community
family so you will be amazed at what is shared and everyone is guaranteed to learn something.

So why not take the plunge and join us on these truly great and exciting days to expand your
knowledge of our great “BALLOON ART”. The days become more like a social get-together,
so much that after the day, why not join us for a meal, everyone is most welcome.

Graham organised and started to run the days in April 2005,
& so far has run over 100 successful days.

Let’s Improve Our Art

All days will run from 10.oo A.M. till 6.oo P.M

Dates for 2022
Birmingham Two Day Event
26th and 27th April
26th April, Line work designs for the real world with Graham Lee and Friends.
27th April, Rob Driscoll.
Booking details, Balloon Educational Training Days.

Dates for 2021
Birmingham, Balloon Workshops run by
The Balloon Artistes Guild Members
12th October

Portsmouth, Balloon Jam Day
30th November

Dates for 2020
Sutton, Balloon Jam Day
22nd January

The dates below to be re-arranged.
Birmingham Two Day Event
1st April, Rob Driscoll. Twisting
2nd April, Tope Abulude. Decor Twisting

Dates for 2019
Build a Motor Bike Balloon Jam Day
21st Jan
Booking Details.

Birmingham Two Day Event
Tobi Twist From Germany
4th March
5th March
Both workshops will be different.
Booking Details.

Birmingham Two Day Event
Eric Weinstein from the USA
18th June
19th June
Booking Details.

The Twistin Twins World Tour
David Crofts and Graham Lee
1st Oct Airdrie Scotland
3rd Oct Birmingham England
Booking Details.

Pip Pippity Pop from New Zealand
Two Day Balloon Master Class
Each day will be different
Birmingham 19/20th November
Booking Details.


Dates for 2018

Birmingham Two Day Event 
Wallie De Groote from Holland
27th March Large designs.
28th March Going Big.

Birmingham Two day Event
Paul Brown 11th June, Costumes/Wearables.
Patrick van de Ven 12th June.
Booking Details.

Graham Lee Workshop 25th June
Booking Details.

Basic Balloon Modelling Day. 11th July
Booking Details.

Birmingham Two Day Event
Mark Byrne from the USA
11/12th Sept
Booking Details.

Birmingham Two Day Event
27th Nov, Donimo, The Silent Clown. Comedic Workshop
28th Nov, Colin Myles & Doctor Bob. Qualatex Q-Jam.
Booking Details.


Bishops Stortford
Star Lecture 11th January
Dan Catt, Booking Details.

Birmingham, Two day Event
Star Lecture 6th March
Darren Mortiboy
Star Lecture 7th March
Booking details for all days.

Worksop 25th April
Roger Daws “Ordinary to Extraordinary”
Booking Details.

Care & Share Balloon Day
Bristol 8th May
Booking Details.

Care & Share Balloon Day
Bodmin 19th June.
Booking details.

Sutton, Surrey. Two Day Event
Star Lecture 3rd July Linda Truscheit from Germany
Star Lecture 4th July Doctor Bob Armstrong
Booking details.

Levett & Lee Balloon Workshop
Airdrie 5th Sept
7th Sept, venue TBC
Booking details.

Birmingham Two Day Event
20th & 21st Nov, Sam Cremeens form the USA
20th Nov, “Sam’s fantastic wearables and other awesome stuff!”
21st Nov, “A few of my favourite things!”
Booking Details.


Bishops Stortford
Care & Share Balloon Day
January 6th. Booking Details.

Two Day Special Event:
Birmingham March 8th, Simon Jong from Holland
Birmingham March 9th Rob Driscoll from Portsmouth


Exeter May 11th
Care and Share Day Link

 “The David Grist Memorial Lecture”
Birmingham Two Day Star Lecture Event,  5/6th July
Sabina Kellner from Austria will be running workshops on both days.
Both days workshops will be different, the first day will be recorded for Twister Club members.
Booking Details.

Basic Balloon Modelling Day.
Sutton, Surrey, 22nd June, Booking details.

Care & Share Balloon Day
Northampton October 4th.
Booking Details.

Manchester Care & Share day with Graham Lee and Daniel McCullough
Wed 2nd Nov

Sutton Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd Nov
Matt Falloon all the way from Australia
Booking Details.

Birmingham Tuesday 29th Nov Alberto Nava from Italy
Birmingham Wednesday 30th Nov Daz Cooper from the UK
Booking details.

Please contact Graham for more details & confirmed dates.
020 8644 1983 / 07533 336 304


So please come along and join in what is always a really fun day
out while expanding your balloon modelling knowledge. Pricing for the days does vary from “FREE”
to a nominal £20 for a “Care & Share” day and £45 for a STAR Lecture day on the early bird special.

Light refreshments will also be available, but please remember to bring the cream cakes with you?
The maximum number at all days will be 40. There will also be special offers on all products at the days.


“I’ve learnt more with you in one day, than I have in the last five years” Carol

“What a great day” Kevin

“I have lots of new ballooning ideas” Barry

“So many friendly helpful people” Anne

“Just wanted to thank you for putting on such a great day, Very inspirational” Mike

“OOWWW!!!!! My head hurts. So many models and so many ideas.
I am just glad I took my camera along to remind me of some of them” Stuart

“I had an amazing day. I bought a load of balloons the next day as the Jam
really got me excited about balloon modelling” Robert

“A thousand thanks for all your help and kindness today, I am now truly hooked on twisting.
It was also great to meet the other twisters, such generous happy people” Cate

“Thank you for your expert tuition today” Philip

“We learnt loads and had lots of laughs, just what the doctor ordered!
Its great fun and a lovely friendly atmosphere. And more to the point,
we learn some really cool balloons and tips” Sharon

“Thanks for such a great day. I am not sure what I was expecting
but I was certainly delighted and impressed with what I experienced. I learned some new designs and
some amendments to ones I already use which will make them easier, quicker or more pleasing
(or any combination of the three). I also learnt what I was doing wrong when I tried to snap balloons off –
I couldn’t do it at all but now I can with ease and I shall be reminded of the day every time I do this from now on” Richard

“To anyone that has seen Graham Lee listings of The Balloon Jam/Workshop days and thought that as a decorator they would either not benefit from attending or would not be welcomed, think again. We attended the day yesterday and had one of the best days we have ever had from the moment we arrived at 10.oo until we were finally evicted at 6.oo. We just kept learning new tricks the professional twisters were so keen to show off there work and then happy to teach us how to do it. If you see Graham advertising one of these days and you can get to it, then do. You will be welcomed and you will learn things that you can use in the future” David & Karen Cartwright

“If You’re Prepared To Learn Off Those
Who Know More Than You.

Then You Should Be Prepared To Teach
Those Who Know Less Than You”

Some old boy From China


To confirm your place on the day, or if you need any other information, then please get in touch

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