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7th January

What have we been doing this week?
Trying to recover from being really ill, that is what we have been doing.

It’s been a long time since I have been ill and I have to say it well and truly got me.
Four days being laid up, let’s say it was a challenge.

We are off to Vegas on Saturday for the Twist & Shout balloon convention, going over with Danny and Olivia. We have a few things planned as we are flying in a few days before. At the moment we have planned Menopause the Musical, The Neon Museum, The Liberace Museum and the High Roller Wheel. I’m sure we will do a few other things as well. I booked my esta so we can get into the US and also got travel insurance via compare the meerkat. This also gives us two cinema tickets for the price of one for a whole year. So once we have been to the cinema three times in 2018 we are saving money.
Seems like an excellent deal.

As I was pretty poorly we did not take the old car back to St Austell till Friday although it was meant to be back on Tuesday. There was no way I could drive it all the way back before. Now waiting to hear back from the ombudsman to see the way we have to go to claim back all our out of pocket expenses for buying a car that one at best would say was sub-standard and others might say was not fit to be on the road. Still it could have been worse.

Balloon modelling wise we have not done too much this week.

I did catch up with all outstanding invoices for magic shows/balloon modelling we did in December so that is now all up to date. I have two more BalloonTube tutorials already filmed and then we need to record some more. On the list I have Helicopter, Reindeer, Dinosaur, Reindeer wand, Rhino and Shark. So I need three more designs and then we are all sorted for 2018 as we are only posting one a month now.

This is the link for the tutorials, BalloonTube.
There are also over 80 step by step instructions up on Balloon chat if you would like to have a go at some. BalloonChat. That’s it from me today,

Off to find the first random balloon design for 2018.
I went with the loving swans that I made when attending the
Hamburg jam back in early November. There are over 350
pictures posted on the forum if you would like to take a look,
Hamburg Jam Pictures.