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28th January

Did you notice? There has not been a blog for two weeks, I was away at a balloon convention in America. I was thinking about writing it there and posting but decided to just enjoy the trip. I used to post pictures about the event while I was there but even decided against that this time so that I could go around and enjoy the event more and meet people.

One thing I really enjoyed was meeting new people, on the first day I set a goal to go up and introduce myself to 10 people I did not know. I even wrote the names down, well I did till I got to 13 and then I stopped writing. It was a fun exercise and one I would recommend to others.

I went over with Danny and Olivia from the UL and we all had fun, they both went onto another convention but I came home as being away for 9/10 days was enough.

I have started to post the pictures onto Balloon Chat if you would like to see, at the moment just the touristy ones but from the balloon convention pictures will be posted soon. It was great to meet up with many friends that I have not seen for years, it’s great in fact, so many friends and memories and then even more made on this trip.

One of the highlights was meeting and chatting with Helen Budinger, what a lovely lady and knowledgeable twister. Sometimes you meet someone and it’s as if you have known them for years, it was like that with Helen. Twist & Shout Pictures.

The new chrome balloons are now on the market and I have a very limited amount now available on the website, Chrome Balloons.

Since being back it has been fun, my emails stopped sending, seems my old office 2003 is a little on the old side and my Blueyonder account is now no longer supported.

We have now the latest office edition and also I have been upgraded to windows 10 so have no clue where anything is, it’s quite exciting when you finally find out how to send an email or where your documents are hiding on your computer. It took my tech guy over 3 hours to fix and it’s only a temporary fix as they need to carry on on Monday. That was yesterday and now today my phone stopped working, I had to download a sony PC companion and do a hard reset, whatever that is but it did work and the phone is back and working.

BalloonTube is now down to only one per month and will be on the first Sunday of the month so that will be next week, I have 4/5 filmed so not sure yet what one will go live. The last tutorial was for the princess crown if anyone wanted to take a look. BalloonTube.

It’s also that time of the month for the next model of the month on Balloon Chat. I’ve gone with a dog design I came up with while sitting and talking with Helen at twist and Shout last Sunday morning. Helen gave me the idea for the un-inflated balloon around the mouth of the dog. Model of the Month.

I think that will do for the time, take care.
Off to find the random balloon design to post, be back soon.
This is the Model of the Month for February on Balloon Chat.