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31st December

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year,
The coming year will be the same unless you change it.

It’s only you that can make things happen,
if you are happy with the way things are going…….great
BUT if you are looking to change things then that is down to you.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, I wish you all well.

So after my little philosophy and as its Sunday, yes it’s BalloonTube Sunday.
BalloonTube Weaved Crown.

The tutorial this week is the design for Jan 2017,
I will post only one design a month now and I’m
guessing it will be the first Sunday of every month,
so February will be posted on the 4th Feb.

The tutorial for this month is the weaved crown that I first made way back in July 2017.
There is a thread on Balloon chat with a few variations and a nice double stuffed version
which gives an amazing colour look for the design. Weaved Crown.

All the pictures are up from the Sam Cremeens two day workshop with over
200 pictures to view, Sam Cremeens Workshop Pictures.

The pictures from the Hamburg jam I’m still posting and at a guess will take at least another
10 days before they are all online to view. At the moment there are 300 pictures to take
a look at from the convention, Hamburg Jam Pictures.

The special offers on the website for January are the 160 metallic’s,
160 metallic.

Plus the Graham Lee DVD’s, all eight of them and the Beating Book,
DVD’s & Book.


Here is wishing everyone a great New Year and please go out and try to make a difference,
Its Important XXxx

Off to find the random picture of the week.
I went with what is possibly a ballerina/princess girl.