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6th May

Firstly before I forget, as if I would but today is Sunday and the first Sunday of the month so that means? Yes just one thing It’s BalloonTube Sunday. This is tutorial number 50 and is for the Rocket, now the thing is this is the first time the model of the month on Balloon Chat and the BalloonTube tutorial have been the same. There are variations on the design and the BalloonTube clip was filmed back in early January and I have modified the design a little to make it more stable and possibly quicker to twist in the real world. Rocket.

The step by step on balloon chat can be found here, Rocket.

What other exciting things have been happening lately, I’m confirming up all the star lecture days for the balloon artistes guild for 2018/19. Should be able to announce them all sometime this week, just looking into the flight details to be confirmed from America. I’m also booking the first two smaller days of the year, they will be in Manchester in June and Sutton July.

It’s the London Balloon Jam on Tuesday that I’m hoping to attend as I have missed the last three due to other commitments. Facebook details are here, London Jam.

Then in a few weeks it’s the children’s magic convention Trix in the Stix that takes place in Oswestry. Again more details can be found via the website here, Convention.

Sometimes the balloon world surprises you, things crop up that shock and amaze you. I suppose we are all different and life leads us all on a different path and journey and then we all have choices to make along the way. People make judgements of others before even getting to know the person in question. It’s always best to make your own mind up about people and not be influenced by others, be yourself…..not a sheep. Things happen that make you sit up and think I would never do anything like that and how can they think that is the correct way to go about things. Very cryptic here 😉 But then it is my blog 🙂

Then something else happens where people do a little extra for you, just randomly, for no apparent reason and they brighten up your day. Sometimes without realizing, just the odd kind word, thank you or act of kindness can make so much difference. They just  want to share a moment in time with you for that special bond, they become friends instantly, I think they call it BFF. You just instantly hit it off with some people and there is that special chemistry (if only we knew what it was) and it feels like you have been friends with them for ever. There are so many such friends that are just there for you always and it is appreciated, then we have those friends that have to move on. They take a different path in life but one still has those memories you have shared with them forever, so to all thank you for taking the time to smell the flowers along the way with me, it is very much appreciated, XXxx.

Yes the balloon world is a funny old place sometimes but I’m still very grateful to be a part of it and will cherish the memories forever, all the memories. Thanks to all who make our balloon world what it is.

The random balloon picture of the week, now what will that be?
Not sure at the moment, off to look.
I went with the emoji poo, made me smile xx.