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30th July

Well this week has been a little surreal as for the first time in ages I have been a little poorly. With the worst headaches I have ever had and then with flu like symptoms as well and after working for 10/15 minutes having to sit down to recover. I think I’m over the worst now but it did go on for five days.

I was hoping to have the model of the month for August as a crown, now not sure about
others but a crown is always one I have tried to steer clear of for some reason.

Perhaps too many pinch twists required to make it work correctly or perhaps I’m still to find my go to crown that I’m happy with. Well I have spent quite a while making variations etc and at the moment still not sure what design I’m going with, there are some variations posted here on Balloon chat. Crown Pictures.

I had some of the grand children over this week helping us with the orders going out and also putting product away as we had two very large shipments come into the warehouse this week. Well I have to say both Harry on Wed and Phoebe on Thursday were a great help for the whole of the day. Phoebe did not give me time to sit down and have a coffee during the day either, blimey she was a slave driver, he he.

I’m booked with Guildford council 36 shows over 9 days during the summer, they start on Wed of this week so looking forward to those. Will be interesting and make a change form the normal shows we do so if anyone is down the bottom of Guildford high street then please come along and say hello and perhaps watch the show. We are doing two balloon shows and two magic shows each day.

I worked at the Lighthouse in Woking on Tuesday, I was there last year and enjoyed the event. I had fun this time as well but it looked like we were so much busier that they had to restrict the people coming in to see me and to get a balloon. I think next year we may need a morning and afternoon session.

All the pictures are up from the Linda and Bob two day balloon event in Sutton at the
beginning of the month if anyone would like to view the pictures. Sutton Pictures.

We have started to change things about on the website for the shipping, we are trying to add a few options that people can choose when ordering. Things like second class postage, recorded delivery and guaranteed next day etc. The plan was to start this week but as I was unwell we have put this off a while. All the product had to have a weight attached to the description to make this work so I did this a while back so fingers crossed when we change over there will
not be too many teething problems.

On BalloonTube this week as it is BalloonTube Sunday we have the longest tutorial to date that I have posted, it’s the baby crocodile. Hope it’s off some use to a few, BalloonTube Crocodile.

The random balloon picture for the week, at the moment no idea so off to look.
I went with one of my all time favourite designs the tennis racquet and tennis balls.
And yes it’s all made form balloons.
tennis 9