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22nd Jan

So the exciting things that happened to me in the balloon world this week?
Now let me think……………what did happen?

I made a few designs, playing with the Mickey Mouse wand I made a few weeks back as I have decided that Mickey will be the design that will be going out in the complimentary bags that we put into every order we send out. Then if you post it onto the forum you go into the random name selector at the end of the month to win a balloon modelling DVD. I also put the step by step instructions up to help as well. I have taken all the pictures and re-sized them ready to add to the forum later on in the month, I’m getting a little ahead of myself and a little organised.
Been in contact with Dennis from the United Twisters as we are trying to sort dates out to get Sam Creemens over for the USA, probably middle of Nov looks like the date it will be and the event will be for two days in Birmingham.
To see the confirmed dates so far for 2017, Care & Share Balloon Days.

I attended the City of London jam on Tuesday, it was a very small affair this month with only two of us going for the pizza at lunch time and another three turning up to twist in the evening. I also forgot to take my camera, only the second time ever but these things do happen…………and as you can see twice so far for me. I did take some pictures with my phone, they are posted on the forum if anyone would like to take a look, City of London Pictures.

I had a school Christmas fair yesterday, I did three 30 minute shows and all were fad and I had a lovely time. Some very funny lines came back from some of the children that always helps and sometimes you have to slow things down so the children can say these lines, it makes every show feel so much different.

This week is the non BalloonTube week, last week was the first multi balloon design we posted and I did notice it got quite a few shares compared to the 20 one balloon designs that we have posted before. That in turn helped the views for the one balloon designs as people were seeing BalloonTube for the first time. It was interesting, another interesting fact but a little odd, the last weekend where we did not post a new tutorial was the best week for getting new subscribers. Is that odd? I thought it was so will be interesting to see how many subscribers we get this week. BalloonTube.

The re-organising the balloon warehouse (The Shed) is coming along, we are only still talking about it but ordered and received 11 picking bins in different sizes to see what stock would fit best in what size picking bin etc. At the moment we have 250 boxes and some of these have four different balloon sizes in so when trying to find the correct pack is sometimes a little time consuming. We are hoping to have a separate box for every size of balloon, so will need quite a few more boxes. So best to think a little about what might work best rather than jump in straight away, Crofty is coming up on Tuesday as he is very good with design and graph paper and a fresh pair of eyes might come up with an idea we have not thought about.

I’m still putting up the pictures from the Bishops Stortford balloon day onto the forum if anyone wanted to take a look, Dan Catt was the star lecturer, Bishops Stortford Pictures.

A word of warning, there is a price increase coming at the end of the month for the balloons,
it is 8% so possibly worth stocking up with an order before. I’m expecting to add the price increase to the website possibly in March when we have the warehouse complete.
The reason for this is we number every box in the warehouse to make it easier t find so if I have to go through every item re-numbering the boxes it makes sense to do the price increase at the same time.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
This is a variation on the panda that Da Catt taught at the Bishops Stortford day.
There is a thread on balloon chat with approx. 10/12 various panda designs
if anyone would like to take  a look, Panda.