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15th Jan

This week…………we had a lovely time at the first Care & Share day for 2017. It took place in Bishops Stortford and Dan Catt was the star lecturer. There was a very good turn out and a couple of fun competitions, we usually get someone to judge but this year we have decided that everyone who turns up for the days gets a vote and it worked very well. I have started to put the pictures up on balloon chat but they will take a few days till all are up. It was nice catching up with many and also nice to see a few new faces at the day. Pictures.

Off to the City of London jam on Tuesday which takes place just nearby Liverpool St station. A few meet up at the local Pizza Express before for lunch, all are welcome. Details of the jam are on the facebook page. London Jam.

I went to the pictures yesterday with my grandson Zakh, we went to see Storks which was out a few months back but we caught it at the showtime for juniors and it was only £1.50 each……..so a bargain and it was a nice film, made me laugh a few times. I got home and had a go at making one of the characters from the film. I will post a couple of pictures on the forum, it needs a little tweaking at the moment but it’s a work in progress. Stork thread.

I have my first magic show of the New Year today, only a couple of minutes away in Sutton so looking forward to that.

This week I have kept busy with booking a few people for future care & share days and also star lecture days. Coming up we have,
Darren Mortiboy 6th March Birmingham

Twistina 7th March Birmingham

Linda Truscheit 3rd July

Doctor Bob Armstrong 4th July

I’m also finalising dates for Roger Daws to run a twisting/décor day at the end of April. I will announce the confirmed dates ASAP. If you would like more details or to book, Star Lectures.

I have been making a few more panda’s this week, on the thread on balloon chat there must be 10/12 different variations if anyone would like to take a look. Panda Pictures.

This week on balloon tube is the very first non one balloon design, It is a two balloon flower.
I forgot to mention that the stem of the flower is a 160 and you have to leave 4 fingers un-inflated. Hope that helps and fingers crossed it’s a design you can use now and again. This week it’s design 21 we are showing so please have a look at some of the other designs we
have posted previously. BalloonTube.

Till next week take care and off to find a random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the dog that was made a few weeks back now,
possibly months back now as time flies when one is enjoying one’s self.