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8th Jan

So what have we been doing this week graham?

Well I went to see Monster Trucks with my grand-daughter yesterday. It was fun and a little silly in places but Phoebe loved it, thought it was one of the best films she has seen this year. Mind you this is the first time she has been to the cinema in 2017.

Been getting myself all up to date with accounts/VAT and looking for some plastic picking boxes for the warehouse to keep all our balloon stock in. We think we have it down to about six different designs so will order one of each next week to see how we fit things in and the new layout. It’s difficult to work out dimensions and measurement with just the ruler.

It’s all systems go for the first Care & Share day for 2017 which will be in Bishops Stortford on Wed 11th Jan there is still time to book if you would like to attend? We have Dan Catt lecture for all four workshops throughout the day. Booking info.

I have been making a few Koala designs this week; have posted them onto balloon chat if you would like to look, Koala Pictures.

I also went and got my haircut on Friday, a six and three like I always have.
Styling like you have never seen before, he he.

Over in America it’s the Florida Superjam balloon convention; I have attended this event on a couple of occasions and enjoyed them. They did start out as a big jam with no actual class’s but have moved over to the more traditional way of running a balloon convention with workshops and the 24 hour jam room. I do have a soft spot for the parade and Ice Cream van, it brings back some nice memories standing around and chatting after the parade while eating an ice cream in the warm evening of Florida. The reason I’m mentioning this is because this year I decided to sponsor the Ice Cream van so that others could possibly enjoy the moment. Thanks to Rob Driscoll who helped to design the artwork and to Danny for one of the tag lines, I was concerned the main tag line might have been a little raunchy for the American market but went with it as with advertising as long as it gets noticed. So fingers crossed no one was too upset. Artwork.

This is the first week in 20 that I will not be uploading a tutorial, seems a little odd but I think sensible as the plan is to publish a new design every other week so that we are not too pressured during the year. There are some lovely little one balloon designs to have a look at if you have a few minutes. BalloonTube.

So this weeks random balloon picture of the week? I was thinking of posting the artwork,
be back in a minute after having a look at what I have been working on this week.
I went with the heart design and origami flowers that are un-inflated balloons.
This was a design I came up with back in 2007 for competing at
The Millennium Jam Balloon Convention. That convention and I have a special bond.
Details of how to make the flowers and hearts is on a DVD I brought out called
“A Romantic Twist” DVD 6.