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13th Nov

Hello again, it’s remembrance Sunday today so please take a minute to remember all those who gave their lives in wars and conflicts across the globe. My random balloon picture of the week is not random today, it will be the poppy I made.

So this week I have been to the City of London balloon jam, I think there was seven who attended and with four of us meeting up for a pizza before hand. I have been posting the pictures onto balloon chat, I still have a few more to post and the venue is not great for taking pictures, very dim and romantic light setting in the room we have.

Over the years many have been asking for a care & share balloon day to be held in London, well I might have a venue in the New Year so watch this space for dates.
The care & share days we have booked so far are,

Matt Falloon 21st and 22nd Nov
Alberto Nava 29th Nov
Daz Cooper 30th Nov
Dan Catt 11th Jan

Booking details for all of the above can be found here, Care & Share Balloon Days.

This week we have another big build on Thursday and Friday with David Crofts, we are building some Pokémon designs. Pictures will go up onto balloon chat from next Monday which is after the event that is taking place in London.

We we are off down to Portsmouth for the Portsmouth Jam that Rob Driscoll organises, all are welcome. The balloon fun is from 4 till 10 and a few meet at good old Pizza express at around 2pm for lunch. There is a facebook page with all the venue details.
Portsmouth Balloon Jam.

Off out in a minute to do a birthday magic show, I do enjoy the diversity in my life. Last Sunday I covered a job for Susie Hillman up in the Kings Road. It was a lovely venue and I enjoyed the banter with the children and adults, most enjoyable.

There has been a couple of threads on facebook about the idea that Thelma Levett and I came up with back in 2009 and put onto a DVD, “It’s Quicker by Tube” You can place any object into an inflated balloon. There is a thread on balloon chat with many ideas and pictures shown, Quicker by Tube.
If anyone would like to purchase the DVD, DVD Quicker by Tube.

The moment you have all been waiting for…………………details about BalloonTube.
This week we have the instructions for the one balloon Teddy Bear that will cuddle you.
It has a little extra to other teddies I have seen, BalloonTube.

That is me for this week, take care XXxx