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13th Aug

Here we go then, I nearly forgot that today was BalloonTube Sunday, oops. I have a couple of back up downloads so we are OK for another month, the rest of the year has been filmed but the master files are with Lord G at the moment who does all the editing for us.
Better get a few sorted so we are all up to date.

I was back at The Village Guildford this week for 12 more shows, all seem to be going well but we could do with a few more in the audience. A little more advertising at the venue would help, they have two balloon shows, two magic shows and a face painter there from 10 till 2 but there is no advertising or publicity on site so with all the foot fall during the day look at all the extra people we could possibly get to come back or stay around for a few minutes to watch the next show. If only they knew the shows were happening.

It was my daughters birthday this week and they wanted to go to Nando’s, I have no idea why it’s such a popular place……………does nothing for me but it was nice to sit and chat with the family for a catch up.

We have a couple of quiet weeks for shows now but have three big balloon orders arriving so that will keep us busy and I’m trying to pop up into London with Susie to see Kat busking for a little while and then go off for a meal together. So maybe we can sort that out for this week.

We have a special offer on the website this month for the 11” rounds, Balloon Art Wholesale.

And if possible, could you please share the details about a little for my BalloonTube channel that would be great and very much appreciated. This weeks tutorial is for the three balloon Mickey Mouse wand. BalloonTube.

My next plan of attack for the balloon warehouse, (my log cabin) is to fit some insulation to the ceiling to try and keep the balloons a little cooler. The floor and walls were insulated a few years back now so onto the next phase, it keeps me busy and we have a couple of quiet weeks ahead. I was meant to be doing the filming for the balloon magic act that I used to perform, I’d better get my butt into gear over that one otherwise we will miss the November deadline that I set for myself, maybe don’t hold your breath on that one but I will see what we can do.

The random balloon picture of the week?
No idea at the moment so off to look through the files to find something.

I went with the up-scaled minion design that I usually make with
a yellow 350 but tried it from a 646, so much more visual.
I will try to remember to make it in this size from now on.