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20th Aug

It’s Sunday and blog time, so what have I been up to this week?

Not a lot, I spent a whole day tidying up the loft/office/study where my computer is and I do a lot of my twisting. Surprising what you find and what rubbish for some reason or another you keep hold off. So we have had a good clear out, have a little more room and have ordered another 10 sweet jars that I keep my modelling balloons in up in the loft for my twisting. Looking about I think I can see about 50% of the floor where it was only 25% when I started.

I have found some prizes for the balloon days with a few open bags of balloons, the odd broken pump and a couple of balloon books and DVD’s.

It was one of those dilemma decisions this week, a friends surprise 40th birthday to go to or your grandson’s birthday as well. We went off to see Harry our grandson and will pop up to see Dan sometime and take him out for lunch.

I had an email about doing a Moana balloon gig, now we have never made this design before so had a play, it came out OK but would take 8/10 minutes to make in the real world so we might have to come up with version two being a little quicker. I posted a few pictures on the forum, Moana Pictures.

The Mickey Mouse wand that I posted onto Balloon Tube last week has got quite a lot of hits, it’s a quick 3 balloon design for the real world. BalloonTube.

I have a birthday party and also a balloon gig this week so that will keep me out of trouble and then the following week we are back to The Village in Guildford for my last three day stint of 4 shows a day.

I have still not started to film the instructions for the Balloon Magic Act I perform and the next step on the balloon warehouse to add insulation to the roof area has also not been started yet, we all need to shout, “GRAHAM…………get your finger out and get working” I will try………honest.

A little short and sweet this week on the blog, I think the mystery balloon picture this week will be Moana although as yet I have not drawn on any art work so perhaps I should go and practice that a little later today.