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10th December

It’s Sunday, it’s blog day and it’s very cold and wet and snowy.
I have a local show this afternoon so that is handy, not too much travelling.

Yesterday I worked with seven other balloon artistes and eight face painters at the Jumanji press day preview. It was nice working alongside Crofty, we interact but also give each other space. It was nice seeing the others as well and having a late wetherspoons all day breakfast served till mid day, he he.

I then came home and made a large Santa and tree for a delivery today. There will be pictures posted onto balloon chat later sometime soon, Santa and Tree.

Still having fun with the car dealer trying to get them to pay something towards all the added costs of returning the car, car tax, insurance, travel etc. I was just thinking about accepting the full price I paid for the car as then all the stress and aggravation is over but went to see my mechanic and asked him what he thought of the car and he was adamant I should take it further as they said the car was not fit for purpose.

I’m hoping we can sort something out before I have to get the AA to inspect the car and then assuming I have to go to the small claims court. I only wanted a lower mileage car, not stress and worry.

We have booked an evening balloon jam session the night before the party day in Sutton.
The jam night is Monday 8th Jan and the party day is Tuesday 9th Jan.

If anyone would like to attend, booking details below and the jam night is free to attend and runs from 4 till 10pm. Balloon Days.

I have a few shows this week, enough to keep me going but not running around trying to keep up with everything, so that is nice. I expect I will have a little look for another new car as well, off to a main dealer to look at the new shape fiat doblo to see if the boxes and units I carry the shop about in will fit in the newer design.

I was thinking of buying one that is possibly 6 months old or with less then 10,000 miles as we do get this back against the tax and cars have moved on in the last 10 years so seems a little silly to be buying such an older model. Well I keep changing my mind but will have to settle on something soon.

I was also playing with the Shark design again and have a nice large scale design now plus a line work make in the real world two balloon design. Shark Pictures. There are a few pages to view of variations.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the cone design which is from Rebecca Kanar.
She did post the instructions up on facebook live and made
a nice variation with a Christmas tree and Santa Hat.
This is the link but it did not play on explorer for me, I had to
open it up in firefox, Rebecca facebook live.