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Welcome to the New QualatexBalloons.co.uk Site

newsletterWelcome to my first newsletter/blog post on the new website – yes over the past week John from iQdea and myself have been trying to update things as quickly as possibly and it has been a bit stressful to say the least.

So some news about the site first before the balloon dates, non of the customer passwords from the old site will work on the new site as we were unable to bring them over as they are always encrypted. This is the link to re-set your password, unfortunately everyone will need to re-set there password to register on the new site.


you need either your user name or email address to do this. The site will then send you a new link to a page on the website for you to type in your new password. Sometimes the email sent to you from the site might end up in your junk or spam folder and the link will not work from there so you will need to either move the email into your normal email inbox or cut and paste the link.

Can I also ask trade customers to get in touch with their username and if possible their last invoice ID number as I need to set up your trade account on the new website. This has to be done manually, if you need to order before I get around to this we will do a refund via PayPal so please don’t worry, I’m doing enough worrying for everyone at the moment with the stress of setting up a new web shop.

Any suggestions about the site are always welcome and if anyone spots a mistake or two then please let us know, many thanks.

We are in Birmingham on Tuesday and Wed this week 1st/2nd July for “The David Grist Memorial Lecture” with Sue Bowler lecturing on the Tuesday and Thelma Levett on the Wed. If you would like more info or to book for the day(s),


The days cost £50 each to attend and do include a buffet lunch or why not join “The Balloon Artistes Guild” and attend all 10 days we run throughout the year for free with a one off payment. You also get three DVD’s from the star lecture days we run that are filmed for club members. More details, https://www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk/uk-twister-club/

Well there you go first newsletter/blog written, speak again soon and hope to see a few of you around at the days and events we attend.

Bye for now Xx