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7th February

This week I sorted out a new backdrop for my Zoom balloon workshops. The bookcase and everything else behind me I thought made it difficult to see the designs and twists sometimes and wanted a cleaner look. I had an old microphone stand so put some wood on top to make it into a T shape and then I have either a Black Cloth or Pink Cloth draped over for a background. Will try tomorrow for the first time with my Rose workshop. I do have a few workshops booked in at the moment, two on the Roses this week with one space left for Tuesday night. Then its back to the string of bubbles which I think has one space left and then the last workshop is on my Teddy Bear design which I think has 4 spaces left. We have a maximum of 10 people at each workshop so that it’s manageable and I don’t feel over whelmed as this online training is all new to me. Here are the details if you’d like to book, Balloon Workshops.

The next challenge on Balloon Chat is all set up and Danielle chose a Face design this time around, I have made a couple and really do like the look of them, we will add them later today onto the challenge thread. Balloon Chat Challenge.

After having my tooth out last week we ended up with an infection and had to go back for some antibiotics. You will be pleased to know as I am that its all settled down now.

I did a little film for Balloon Modelling under extreme conditions, wont say too much but I nearly drowned first time around and we had to do a few takes before it was complete. I’m sure it will be posted sometime soon for all to see.

That’s me for this week, thanks to all those who have been booking in for the workshops, I do appreciate it and have really enjoyed doing them. I even signed up for the Zoom pro so we have longer than the 40 minutes to run the workshops and can go into greater detail.

Ooops, almost forgot, it’s BalloonTube Sunday today and the design for this month is the Cow. There are two variations to choose from, BalloonTube Cow.

If anyone would like to purchase some balloon and product then please take a look at the website, thanks xx Balloon Art Wholesale.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the design that is the model of the month over on
Balloon Chat for February. The step by step instructions are
here if you’d like to take a look, Love Heart.