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6th December

Here we go then with another blog, Danielle and I have done another balloon challenge this week over on the forum, its the 10th one for the year and is a Japanese Girl. This weeks challenge is on Page 3. Balloon Chat Challenge.

I did my last Facebook Live this week, with the Reindeer and Cat being the designs shown.
Be quick if you would like to view as I do plan on taking them all down next weekend.
They are all on my home page on Facebook, Facebook Live Tutorials.

Thanks to all those that have bought me a coffee while we have been doing them, it’s appreciated. We have had 10,000 views over the four weeks we have been doing them and 12 people have kindly bought me a coffee. This is the link if anyone would like to contribute to help with keeping the forum online and myself being able to keep coming up with a few new designs, Buy Me A Coffee.

I still have the Santa tutorial available if anyone would like the design. Santa Tutorial.

We have been filming a few tutorials while in Lockdown, the Whale, a Teddy Bear that will
stand and sit in different positions, Jessica Rabbit and then Paddington.
I went over to see Zakh this week, my grandson who is doing a little editing for me and making some smoother transitions where I fluffed a few things. All is looking good and I’m looking forward to bringing them out sometime in the New Year.

If anyone is looking for some balloon supplies then we would be very happy to supply them for you. It would be appreciated. Balloon Art Wholesale.

We have a big balloon build coming up this week, I will be spending a couple of days making some designs for a video shoot that is taking place this Thursday. I’m sure I will be posting a few pictures as we make the designs.

Off to find the random balloon of the week to post.
I went with the Reindeer design that I explained on this weeks Facebook Live.