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5th January

Hello to all who read my blog, no idea how many if any to be honest……………. 😉
So a Happy New Year to everyone XXxx

This week we have the Balloon Chat Challenge back, we have started a new thread for 2020.
So to view all of the 2019 challenges, 2019 Challenge.

We started of with a dog design for 2020 and it did take a few days to track down who to credit for the design but I believe we finally found out who this was.  Details and links are posted on the Balloon Chat thread, 2020 Challenge.

We have booked a Balloon Jam day in Sutton for Wed 22nd Jan, its free to attend but please book online otherwise its £10 at the door on the day. Please pass on details to all who may be interested in attending, thanks. Sutton Balloon Day.

I have booked the star lecturers for March, we are having two people doing a day each so a little different from what we usually have been doing. I just need to confirm the venue and dates etc and then we will announce all the details.

Its the Florida Super Jam this coming week, David and I had so much fun attending last year and I’m slightly envious of those attending as it would have been nice to see everyone again. Maybe next year I will make it over again. Hope it all goes well for everyone.

Today is BalloonTube Sunday and the 70th tutorial posted is for the Tiger design.
BalloonTube Tiger.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week, not sure yet what it will be.
I went with this months model of the month over on Balloon Chat, The Boat.