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29th December

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a break from the norm, whatever the norm is 😉

I have been trying to sort out the March Star lecture days for 2020, been a little difficult as who the club members asked for has agreed to run workshops for a balloon convention in 2021 and is not allowed to work in the UK for 18 months till then and a little while after. So onto plan B and then C and trying to figure out what would work best, I think we are sorted now and just needing to confirm dates. It will be late March so we try not to clash to much with other conventions, when we started there were generally no other balloon events to worry about, now its a bit of a mine field with so many other balloon events happening. For those coming into the industry just now this is good in one way but then negative I feel in another as social media has taken off and to get people out and about seems a little of a challenge. Anyway, keep smiling and I will try to announce the March dates ASAP.

I have been updating my portfolio pictures, there are approx. 1200 to view now and over 40 pages. Graham Lee Portfolio.

Just trying to decide the final look for the Sailing Ship as Model of the Month for January 2020, have a couple of variations and just seeing what to go with. The variations are posted here if you would like to view. Boat.

Bad news is that latex balloons will be going up by approx 3% from February so if making an order please do before so saving a few pennies. www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk.

I was thinking about having a January Balloon Jam in Sutton, just a get together,
I would hire a hall and people can chip in a few pennies to cover the hall hire.

Next week is BalloonTube Sunday and will be the Tiger tutorial.
To check all the other 69 designs, BalloonTube.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the train that we made I think 10 days ago for the local
Empire cinema. I did take pictures as I built the design and posted
them onto Balloon Chat if anyone would like to take a look. Train.
train facebook