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30th Sept

We are back from the Kidology magic convention and then off again on Thursday for the face painting convention which will be our fourth event attending in five weeks. It’s been a little busy but very enjoyable, I think there are over 300 attending the face painting event so the largest of the four we have attended. I will be running two workshops over the four days and the event is sold out, there are the occasional tickets coming up on facebook if you wanted to look into attending. Face Paint Convention.

All the pictures have been posted from Kidology onto Balloon chat, Kidology Pictures.
Thanks to Alec and everyone who helps to organise the event, it’s very much appreciated.

I attended the British Airways baggage day fun day yesterday at the Brooklands Museum, I think this is year four for us and it was another enjoyable day. It’s nice when a few 5/6 year olds tell you that you are funny and they must tell their friends, made my day.

The Oct model of the month is going to be the Princess Crown, I did think this was influenced from the Mark Byrne workshop we attended at the beginning of the month. So when I went to find a thread to post this onto Balloon Chat I then see that I made the exact same design four years previously. But have to say Mark got me thinking about it again so thanks for that. The step by step instructions can be found here, Model of the Month.

Nest week will be BalloonTube and we are going with a Rudolph wand for Oct and then Nov will be a another Rudolph design but with body feet and tail, the full design. Hopefully in time to learn for Christmas. To view the 54 tutorials already posted, BalloonTube.

I was just looking through the diary of shows/gigs that I have coming up and it’s a little on the sparse side so if anyone would like to recommend me for the odd gig or two that would be very much appreciated.

I have just finished looking through the master DVD copy of the Patrick van de Ven workshop that we had back in June. This will be going off this week to the duplication centre and will be available to club members for the Nov workshops we have with Donimo the silent clown, Doctor Bob Armstrong and Colin Myles. For more info and to book onto the workshops, BAG.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I wonder what one it will be, back in a minute.
I went with the motor bike that we made back in Sept 2013.
And yes a rare picture of me with a balloon design.
a bike1