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30th April

Hello to all my blog readers, to be honest I have no idea how many if any do actually come on to see what my life in latex has entailed this week.

We went up to Worksop for the Whitwell care & share day, it was nice to see Victoria and to catch up with Vanessa at the meal in the evening. It was nice to see a few new faces and
always nice to see all the old faces at the days, he he.

I enjoyed Roger’s workshop, very informative and it was nice that there was plenty of funny banter going around, it all helps to make the day. I have started to add the pictures to the forum but it will take another week or so to add them all. Worksop Workshop.

If anyone has been following the saga of the balloon warehouse, the carpet/matting arrived this week. I have laid some but have a little more to do. Again all the pictures from the
change over have been posted onto the forum, there are over 100 pictures to view.
Balloon Warehouse.

BalloonTube received some nice comments this week with the Poppy Troll tutorial, it seems like a few have been using the design since I posted it nearly six months back on the forum in a PDF format. BalloonTube.

Just off to add next months model of the month, it will be the new three balloon cat.
Model of the month.

I have been busy arranging three new care & share days for this year, we will be in Cornwall for the first time ever on 19th June, and then it’s on to Airdrie up in Scotland for 5th Sept. The last date to sort out is for 7th Sept and I’m trying to decide on doing the day in Manchester or Birmingham. It’s surprising how long it takes to check location, find and book a venue and also hotels, sometimes its very time consuming especially when it’s a new area and venue. All these decisions to be made, the full list of dates are on the website with the ones above being added asap. Care & Share Balloon Days.

Off to find a random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the champagne bottle, ribbon and scissors that
we used for the grand opening of the warehouse the other week.