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7th May

We had a nice get together this week at my house, it was meant to be the secret six but ended up with just three of us due to work coming in for someone and a last minute problem to be solved for others. Susie, Rob and I had a nice time and even went out for a meal after………shock horror as it was not pizza express but wetherspoons. I have started to post some pictures from the day onto the forum, Balloons at my house.

Then getting ready for the Bristol day of magic on Sunday and the Bristol balloon day on the Monday, anyone would think we planned these things, oh wait………..we do! I have also booked and confirmed the Bodmin Balloon day, this is the first time we are taking a care & share day into Cornwall, looking forward to it so fingers crossed we do get a few booking, it’s a little slow at the moment but hopefully it will pick up. Also now confirmed is the first Levett and Lee day for probably 7/8 years, wow time flies. This will be in Airdrie, Scotland on Tuesday 5th Sept. All the days for this year can be seen and booked here, Care & Share Balloon days.

A late gig came in last night for tomorrow, entertaining in London at a star wars party. So today had a play about with a few designs, as usual they will all end up on balloon chat.
Star Wars balloons.

The new Qualatex Q-Paks will be here in a few weeks so we just started to change the website about to add them onto the site, struggling at the moment with the artwork and getting it to the correct size to look good on the website. We will be stocking all 34 items in the range,
this is one of the items, Q-Pak.

It’s BalloonTube Sunday this week but as I’m down in Bristol we are adding the tutorial on Saturday and also the blog on Saturday as well. This week it’s the aeroplane design, I do hope it’s a design a few can use, BalloonTube.

I still have a few more pictures to add from the Roger Daws day that was help up in Worksop the other week. Worksop Pictures.

Thanks for looking in and hope to see you around somewhere. If you could share any of the details about the days etc that would be fabulous, many thanks. Off to find the random balloon picture of the week, I wonder what I will choose?

I went with the person sitting on a bench, this came about form a chair design I made that started off being a flower. Funny how things evolve sometimes, the original 70’s retro chair
is here on the forum, Retro Chair.