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2nd July

Well sometimes the week can be stressful; Organising the balloon days, still performing with shows and balloons, day to day running of the club, booking acts, seeing who is available for coming events, flights etc. Time to relax.

I had a gig on wed which was fabulous. It was over by Heathrow airport and for adults so a lot of fun. Then planning ahead for the weekend where I have two more shows and then I had to pick Linda T and Marie up from the airport on Friday, they have flown in from Germany and are running a workshop for the balloon club that we organise on Monday at Sutton Utd F.C.

I did a 45 minute magic show for 3 year olds today, with this age group you hope there will be some older brothers and sisters to help the younger ones. Unfortunately there were not here and only seven children, it was a little talking to yourself and giving them the ansewers but I did ask the parents to sit and join in and help out and have to say they did and it turned out to be a nice little show. At the end I did thank them for sitting through and joining in. After the show we twisted a few balloons for 30 minutes. It was a pleasant time, well I enjoyed it. Tomorrow up to London to twist for two hours at a housing association party. Life is certainly very varied.

We also had a very big balloon order come in that we had to put away so it has been all go this week trying to keep everything ticking along nicely. I also have a show Thursday morning when I’m meant to be taking Linda and Marie back to the airport so I will have to drop them at the tube station. There are always little hic-ups with running the club that we have to over come and work out…………always trying to be fair with everyone as well.

Then I went and lost the car in the car park at the airport, nothing new there for me then, I miss-placed it when Buster Balloon was over a few years back as well.

The model of the month for July is the large Teddy Bear, the step by step instructions are up on balloon chat if anyone would like to have a go at making it. Teddy Bear.

I’m sure many will be pleased that it’s BalloonTube Sunday today, I was thinking of posting the Crocodile but that is nearly 18 minutes long and with the last two designs only being one balloon models I thought we would have a couple of slightly easier designs before we get to the crocodile. I went for Pikachu which we made a few months back, I just looked, a little while back, it was nearly a year ago. Goodness time flies. BalloonTube.

If anyone wanted to come along for the memorial lecture this week with Linda and Doctor Bob there is still time to book. Memorial Lecture.

Off to find the random picture of the week, I’m not sure what it will be.
Back in a while. I thought we would keep with the flower theme again for this week.