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27th Jan

We had the first care & share day for 2019 in Sutton this week. It was the build a bike day and we had three bikes built during the day. I’m still putting the pictures up but to see those posted so far. Build A Bike Day.

We are off to the Isle of Sheppey on Friday for a little balloon get together, I think there will be 5 of us twisting away while Sally’s children are at school.

Eric Weinstein from the USA is all booked in for June in Birmingham for a two day star lecture,
I will be putting the details up on the website later today. Star Lectures.

January has been a little quiet for shows, hoping it builds up a little in February but we have the Blackpool magic convention for 5 days over the weekend of the 16/17th. Attending this with Rob Driscoll, trying to decide what to build for the stand, at the moment it’s either a racing car or drum kit. I will see if Rob has a preference for either one of them.

The Qualatex catalogue for 2019 came out this week and on page 25 is a picture of one of my lamps that we made during the early part of last year. Was rather chuffed that they used this. If I can find the picture there will be no need to go look for a random balloon picture of the week this week as I will use the lamp from the catalogue.

I have a new phone coming tomorrow, now that is stress trying to sync up all my emails and contacts, I’m sure it will be a challenge, it always is………………so wish me luck.

The pictures are being added from the Florida Super Jam but we are only on day two pictures at the moment so it will take possibly be another couple of weeks before they are all posted, hopefully before the Blackpool magic convention. Florida Pictures.

We have an old design as the model of the month on balloon chat, it was on I think DVD 2 some 10 years ago, its the wobbly flower bracelet which I rather like and have a soft spot for. Flower Bracelet.

That’s me for this week,
It’s BalloonTube Sunday next week and will be a two balloon cowboy gun.

The not so random balloon picture of the week, he he.