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23rd October

So what have we been doing this week?
I went to my local magic club, The Surrey Society of Magicians, when I say local they are not too local, a 45 minute drive but a really nice club and fantastic venue. I’d missed the last meeting as was attending the Face Painting convention. All the pictures from this event are now up and on Balloon Chat, Face Paint Convention.

I also yesterday went to the Sky Garden in London with family, it was a nice day out and worth going for the views if you are ever about. It is free but you do have to book online to attend. The lift up and down will make your ears pop, well they did mine, but it’s well worth a visit.

The new website is all up and finished now, it was a little slow getting everything completed as the site originally went live on the 1st August. There are 10 tutorials there to view at the moment with a few more to be posted till the end of the year. Plus there are two more live zooms to attend, we do film these and leave up till the next live zoom. The plan was to just leave up for a week but giving people a month to catch up hopefully works out better for everyone. We have 37 members at the moment which I’m pleased with, its just £26.40 to join till the end of the year, a funny figure but that worked out at a pound a week plus VAT from the original launch date. Any questions then please ask or if you would like to join then details are here, The Balloon Artistes Guild.

All the early bird specials have now sold out for the Christmas balloon day that will be in Birmingham on Tuesday 22nd November. We do have eight more spaces available but are limiting the day to 30 people so the day is manageable for myself. It’s just £15 to attend so a bargain, booking details, Birmingham Balloon Day.

Off to do a magic show this afternoon for 4 year olds, nice to get out and about in the real world, looking forward to it.

Some people ask how we come up with the balloon designs we make and that is always a hard question to answer, what inspires me to twist, not really sure but this week I was making a Dog design and wanted it to look laying down. It was the mouth/head design similar to what I made the Cat last week. It has a very similar style, the Cat can be seen on this thread at the bottom of the page, picture Cat 8/9/10. Cat.

The random balloon picture of the week is not so random this week as I have already decided that it will be the Dog.

We did have a couple of large orders arrive this week so do have a few more items back in stock if anyone
was wanting to order a few balloons then it would be appreciated, Balloon Art Wholesale.