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1st October

We attended the Kidology magic convention this week and the feedback was that it was possibly the best one to date. Which is nice for Alec, Shane, Gordon and the gang who put it all together as there is a lot of behind the scene work that goes into putting on a convention?

It included four lectures, a dealer dem, evening entertainment, entertainer of the year competition on the first two days and day three was Venturama for all the ventriloquists and those that work with puppets.

If the event goes ahead next year then please try to support this as we have to keep entertainment and conventions live for all to appreciate.

The pictures are being added and should all be up in the next couple of days.
Kidology Pictures.

For the past six months I have been looking around for a new car, I’m still after a Fiat Doblo but a slightly newer model or one with less mileage. I have 110,000 on the clock at the moment and I have seen one for sale up in Preston, a long way away but I wanted a 1.9 diesel with air conditioning, low mileage and they are few and far between. Many are also converted for wheelchair use. I’m not too up on cars and as it’s from a smaller garage the AA are going to inspect it for me so all being well I may be driving in a new car in a few days time. Well I expect more like 7/10 days depending when the AA can view. If all is OK then I will travel up to view and have a test drive.

The next event I’m attending is the Essex Face Painting jam in Hornchurch on the 24th Oct which is half term week, more details are available if anyone would like to attend. They
have sellers, face painting demos and I will be running two short balloon workshops.
Essex Face Painting Day.

The next Care & Share Balloon day is all booked for 20th and 21st Nov in
Birmingham with Sam Cremeens coming over from the USA.
We have been busy as we have all of next years star lecture days now booked, March, Wallie de Groote from Holland. June, Christopher Lyle from the US, September, Mark Byrne from the US.
Booking details.

All the pictures are now up from both Levett & Lee days.
Airdrie Picture.
Birmingham Pictures.

If anyone would like to take a look at the BalloonTube tutorials we have 39 up at the moment with another five all filmed and waiting to be uploaded. On the list to be filmed are, Tank, Rabbit, Angel wand, Owl, Racing Car, Crown and a Rocket. That will take us up to 50 designs and then I will see what direction I would like to take things. BalloonTube.

Off to find another random picture to post.
Some flowers I made a little while ago now.
flowers 1