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19th December

It’s Christmas week so a very Merry Christmas to everyone and a very Happy New Year,
I hope things turn out well for everyone.

We spent all day today updating the new website with stock, and sorting out all the containers with product adding codes and product descriptions. This will make things easier in the long run but has taken us all day today with the help of Lyn and Phoebe my grand daughter. She has spent all day here and never got bored or fed up with sorting and checking numbers etc with us both…….so that was nice. Plus we went for a McDonald’s breakfast before we started, what more could you want, he he.

We have decided to wait till after Christmas to make the site live,  we have three more things to sort, a new banner header, the special options on the buy to try page where people can add colours they need for the 10 count bags that Lyn and I make up and also the last thing that I have not mentioned to the web people as yet is the pictures. When you click on some of them they move and on others they don’t. I’m hoping we can make them all not move as it seems odd when the pictures move about on the site, it seemed a little off putting to me.

We have had a few magic shows get cancelled over December and my last nursery tomorrow morning called this morning to say some staff members have tested positive so they are unable to go ahead with the show. It’s a shame but I do understand and they said they would try and have an Easter party instead. I did do a little birthday party on Saturday in Twickenham which I really enjoyed, I think because we have not done that many parties in December this year and it was nice to get out and about again entertaining. Fingers crossed things pick up next year as we have had two very quiet years for entertaining.

Off to get my booster jab tomorrow afternoon, hopefully no side effects but I do have a few days till Xmas just in case.

We do have some special offers on the website for some of the dis-continued 321 balloons
and hearts, some we only have the odd bag or two so grab a bargain before they all go.
Balloon Art Wholesale.

I got a last minute gig passed over to me for making some designs for an advert last week, it was all very last minute so I’m not entirely sure what they will be used for. We made four designs and the Horse for some reason was the most challenging for me. It took just as long to make the Horse as all the three other designs as well, I kept changing the look as well as it did not quite look right. I was happy with the end result though so fingers crossed others were as well. I have started to post the designs onto Balloon Chat but still have to post the final four pictures of the designs, will do tomorrow. Advert Balloons.

I did a large balloon build last December with David Crofts for a pop video, it came out in May but no one told us till this week. This is the link if you would like to take a look, I spent two days on the build and David was five days making the designs, Balloon Pop Video. 

That’s me then for this week, take care and see you all on the other side.
Off to find the random balloon of the week, I went with the dreaded Horse, he he.
Oh and there was a reason they were made in certain colours, I’m assuming
all will be revealed when we see the final outcome from the advert.