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17th March

Here we are back to having  a blog a week, having said that there will not be a blog over the Easter weekend as we are gigging over in Paris for an Ex-Pat’s party. So that will be a little different, very much looking forward to it as well. I thought it was going
to be Easter designs but been told this week it’s Pokemon themed, not sure how well that works out for Easter but who am I to question, always just keep smiling is my motto. So we will make a few Pokemon and a few Easter designs as well.

I have been posting pictures from the Blackpool Balloon Convention that took place earlier this month, we now have 150 up and ready to view with a few more hundred to go up over the coming weeks. Blackpool Balloon Convention.

Been really busy decorating and sorting the new house out, it’s kept me busy but been nice and different as well. Plus been looking at log cabins as well, going for a pretty large one as we are hoping to stock more product once the move is complete. It will also have built in insulation to keep the product better, the one we have at the moment I added the insulation after the build, this one comes with it all built in.

Off to do a fourth birthday party later today which I always look forward to, there is a certain buzz about entertaining
and seeing a room full of children laughing away. You just can’t beat it.

Still no further forward with the 20th year Anniversary tour, we need to get this sorted and publicised before
Easter so I’d better get a move on with things.

Don’t forget my YouTube Channel, BalloonTube with a hundred tutorials posted, the first twenty are one balloon designs, BalloonTube Tutorials.

That’s me for this week, off to do a little painting before my party this afternoon, take care and off to find the random balloon picture of the week.

I went with the ?, well I think it looks a little Cat’ish but been told Red Panda,
Baby Fox, Koala, Chihuahua, Bluey, French Bulldog, and Racoon.

Nice to get a few ideas so might try to make a few up over the coming weeks
to see if we can get a few designs from the one face concept.