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15th October

Not too much balloon modelling done this week as I was sorting out details for my new car and advertising the old one to sell.

I went down to St Austell on the train on Friday and picked the new second hand car up.
Another Fiat Doblo with air conditioning, a little luxury in life.

Selling the old car was fun, so many funny people call up offering 50% and more less than you have the car advertised and then they start to tell you fictional stories about the Fiat make etc, and all the problems they have, it made me smile as we have not had any of the problems they like to mention.

We had one person offer £1100 when we were advertising it at £2100, so I did offer him a special deal at £2350, made me laugh anyway. He then tells me my maths is not my strong point along with not being able to sell cars…………never mind.

We had one gentleman make three appointments to come and look, he did turn up on visit three and then decided to tell me all the things that were wrong with the car. None of which the mechanic that has been working on my car for the past seven years or the MOT station had spotted…………………..now I wonder why he was doing that? Oh yes to offer me another silly price on the car, I think I had spotted a theme.

So while we were waiting for the man to turn up on visit three I had a call from a lady who lived in Bishops Stortford, those that know me and what I do, Bishops Stortford is an important place. So she had a Fiat Doblo and wanted another one, we spoke for some time about our mutual love of the Fiat Doblo; yes I know we are probably both sad but we are not hurting anyone. I was wishing the gentleman who was coming round would not want the car as I felt the lady and my car would have been a perfect fit. More so when she mentioned she had to get to Norwich to visit her mum, again those that know me know that Norwich has a very important and special place in my heart as I support the lovely Norwich City Football Club.

Anyway, after the silly offer and me taking the guy home to Mitcham as his Uber taxi had cancelled on him and I like to help people out if I can. I rang the lady from Bishops Stortford; she drove down to view and bought the car straight away, so two happy people and the Doblo going to another Doblo lover. I was very happy about that.

Balloon wise I’m off to the London Jam on Tuesday, I did up scale the two balloon cat with four 350’s and a 260 this week. So much larger it looked and a lot more conceived value. It has been filmed and will go on BalloonTube sometime soon. Last weeks large Teddy bear had quite a few hits, next week it will be the Fox that I made possibly 9 months ago now. BalloonTube.

The cat pictures can be seen on Balloon Chat, Cat Pictures.
And the step by step instructions for the smaller design are here, Cat Instructions.

The next care & share days are in Nov on the 20th and 21st in Birmingham with Sam Cremeens coming over. To book or to view all the other dates we have booked so far,
Care & Share Balloon Days.

That’s it from me for the moment then, take care.
Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.