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15th August

Just added the date to the blog and realised its my half birthday today,
so happy half birthday to me, he he.
So this week I have sorted out next months Model of the month, it will be a butterfly
which is handy as I don’t usually make butterflies when out and about.
I also went over to see Zakh and the five tutorials I filmed last weekend we edited two for BalloonTube, the other three I was not to happy with so will film those again another time.
The Snake and the Train made it onto the channel so they are up and coming.

We did get a very large balloon order in and have back in stock,
260 Chrome Gold and Silver. 260 White, Black, Grey, Classic and Traditional.
18″ Stuffing Balloons.
Premium Smart Twist Inflator.
Plus we have a good selection of 7 and 11″ Round Chromes.
Balloon Art Wholesale.

We have also this week had the start of the rebuild to the website, where we were going to get this done took so long, nearly a year that I gave up and have now gone with another company to revamp the website. They are also going to have a look at Balloon Chat to see if this can be updated or we will have to have a more modern forum stuck onto the front of the old one. They are looking at it so you never know ………….watch this space. I have been told the new website if all goes well will be ready by the end of August but no doubt there will be a few teething issues with getting everything working plus we are having some extra modifications done with more shipping options, more categories and drop down menus and also some more prominent links to the forum, Balloon Chat and my YouTube channel, BalloonTube. BalloonTube.

I have noticed on BalloonTube that this month adverts have started to appear, I thought I had hit the no advert button but perhaps not or YouTube have changed the rules and I have not realised.

I also did some filming for Balloon Task Master, trouble is I filmed four times and don’t know which one to send in, it’s a dilemma and worries me, he he. You will have to look out for this
on Facebook some time.

Going to have a go at a Motor Bike design later, it’s not as though I have no motor
bike designs already though, chuckle, chuckle. It keeps me out of trouble though.

We do have three more Zoom balloon workshops booked,
Tue 17th Aug, Large Teddy
Tue 24th Aug, Train like Thomas.
Tue 31st Aug, Unicorn
The workshops vary form £5 to £10 and are just for a maximum of 10 people
to keep them manageable for myself to run on the Zoom app.
It would be nice to see a few booking and we do have a laugh and sometimes go off
at a tangent in different directions depending on what questions I get asked.
Zoom Workshop Bookings.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Butterfly that will be model of the month for September.