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13th February

Here we are then getting ready for the Blackpool magic convention next weekend. Getting all the product ready tomorrow, Monday. Then load the car up Tuesday, drive up on the Wed, unload the car late Wed afternoon into the venue and then start to set the stand on Thursday. We are hoping to build a small photo opportunity design on the Thursday while arranging the stand, fingers crossed. We are organising three workshops at the convention, one on the first 15 mins of my magic act which is 10 mins of balloons and hopefully funny lines and then a magic trick I perform with a balloon during the show. Then Rob Driscoll is running a workshop with magical ideas with balloons and I finish up with a wearables workshop and explain how we do not have a queue while ballooning in a line work scenario and how we finish off with a big balloon design at the end of each session.

I have just filmed two more balloon tutorials for BalloonTube, these will be number 96 and 97 on the site,
one of them will be posted for March. To view the other 95 tutorials, BalloonTube.

We also have over 100 step by step instructions up over on Balloon Chat as well if anyone would like to take a look,
Balloon Chat Balloon Designs.

We are then off to the Blackpool Balloon Convention the first weekend of March, I think a few tickets are still available
if anyone would like to attend. I think you can contact people via their Facebook page. Blackpool Balloon Convention.

It’s unusual but I’m normally away for my Birthday on the 15th Feb but this year it falls the day before we leave for the magic convention.

There are a couple of special offers on the website, including attending the Rob Driscoll star lecture workshop
on the 27th April for free, this is the link with all the details, Special Offers.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week, I do know what it’s going to be so not too random this week, he he.
I went with the Hippo design I made this week, there are a couple of variations here on
Balloon Chat if you’d like to take a look, Hippo.

Last thing perhaps to remind people is we still do got out entertaining if anyone wanted a magic show
or some balloons at an up coming event, this is my website, Graham Lee’s Magic.