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2nd September

So today is BalloonTube Sunday and the tutorial we have posted today is the two balloon line work shark. Hope you like it and if you could share around that would be fab, thanks xx. BalloonTube Shark.

For some more complex sharks there is a thread on Balloon Chat, Sharks.


We have a busy September with the IBM magic convention this Thursday to Sunday 6/9th Sept, Magic Convention.

Then the following week Tuesday 11th and Wed 12th Sept we have Mark Byrne over from the USA running a two day balloon workshop for us in Birmingham. For more details and to book, Mark Byrne Balloon Workshop.

Then at the end of September 24th to 26th we have the Kidology Children’s convention and Venturama, again in Birmingham. Kidology.

The model of the month over on Balloon Chat is Yoda, there are a few variations and more complex designs here on Balloon Chat, Complex Yoda.

But the model of the month is a three balloon line work design. Yoda Model of the Month.

The random balloon picture of the week, I wonder what it will be.
Off to look, be right back…….
I went with the dog design which is my variation of a Simon Jong design.