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2nd April

So this week we have posted all the pictures from the Colin Stewart LineArt workshop we attended. LineArt.

Plus all the pictures from the Twistina day are now all up and on balloon chat.
Twistina Pictures.

Been busy all week with the balloon warehouse………OK I know shed, he he.
Added all the extra insulation, boarded up 4 windows and the glass son the door and added insulation. Took the cupboards off the wall, we can fit more stock and offer more or a range of products. The new storage boxes were down for a Friday delivery and then late Thursday we were told they would not be delivered as they were still in there warehouse. They are now coming on Monday, looking forward to getting every product into it’s own storage box, with some of the product we have four separate items in the one box and picking orders sometimes is a bit of a challenge. Warehouse Pictures.

Off today to the Wessex Day of Magic, having a dealer stand but also taking some of my un-used magic down to see if we can start selling it. It’s time to make room in the house, it’s surprising the rubbish one accumulates, well I do.

Then on Thursday we are going to Bognor for the clown convention, just the one day to run a workshop and fingers crossed to sell a few balloons and make a few contacts.

It will be a nice day out I’m sure. I usually attend the juggling convention but every year it seems to get more difficult to liaise with the people running the convention, it changes every year. I offered to do up to five workshops in exchange for a dealer table, I thought that was a pretty reasonable offer, anyway it was turned down. Never mind I will get in touch with whoever is running next year’s event and see if we can attend. I always enjoyed watching the juggling shows and seeing the amazing skills on offer, the dedication and hours that must be spent mastering a certain effect.

There is no BalloonTube this week but to take a look at one of the 26 already posted designs then this is the link to the main page. BalloonTube.

The April competition design on balloon chat is the Easter Bunny with an original idea from Daniel McCullough. Easter Bunny.

That’s it for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.

Back in a minute or two………………

I forgot to mention the Balloon Chat forum was 9 years old yesterday.

The balloon artistes guild is starting it’s 7th year from yesterday.
The 1st April is a special day for me……………take care all xx

I went with Pikachu who will be on a BalloonTube tutorial soon.