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29th August

So this week I have decided to try and do a free Zoom workshop on each of my model of the months over on Balloon Chat. The plan being this is for those who purchase product from us as a little thank you. We do send out a complimentary pack of balloons with each order for the model of the month so everyone should have the balloons required to make each design. So for the September model of the month this will be on Tuesday 5th Oct at 7.30 pm. Now if everyone was to join then I could not cope but I’m assuming many wont so the first couple of months we will have to play it by ear and see how many we get. It could be up to 200 people and that will no way be manageable for myself on Zoom. But we will try and see how things go.

I just finished filming four tutorials for BalloonTube earlier today, waiting for them to download onto the computer so I can see what they are like, we filmed the Panda, Baby Yoda, Unicorn and the Butterfly. By my reckoning that is 95 tutorials and then we only have five more to film to make that up to 100 tutorials posted onto, BalloonTube.

We had a get together this week for the Surrey magic club that I attend, it was just a social for a meal as we do not meet for workshops in August as many are away. It was a really nice meal and a nice venue, The Black Horse in Reigate, definitely one to go to again, so much so that we are having the club Xmas meal there as well now.

I also had my haircut this week, see I lead an exciting life, ROFL.

Next week the Zoom-A-Balloon workshop is for the Unicorn design, I think people are mainly interested in seeing how the mane and horn go together as they are very different to how
I have seen other designs. We do have four spaces left if anyone would like to join us,
Unicorn Workshop.

Work is progressing on the new web shop we are having built but they have found quite a few technical problems with the old site.  It has not been updated since I think 2015 and a lot of the older plug ins do not work on the newer woo commerce platform, so its rather more involved than was originally thought. We do not have a finished date as yet but it will be a little while longer than the end of August that was first planned for……..perhaps the end of September,
I’m unsure so will check with them to see.

We did get a few products back into stock that we have not had for a little while, 260 Chrome Mauve, 260 White, Spring Green, Ruby Red, Emerald Green and Quartz Purple and then 5″ Purple Violet. If you would like to take a look then this is the website, Balloon Art Wholesale.

And please if you do purchase product from us then please get in touch for the “Free” Zoom meeting ID and password for the 5th Oct where we will be explaining the Butterfly, thanks.

Off to find the random balloon design of the week.
I went with the Racing Car that I made back in March of this year.
There are a few variations on a thread over on Balloon Chat, Racing Car.