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24th December

It’s Christmas Eve, I know I’m a mind of useless information, he he.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a vary Happy New Year to one and all.

All the pictures are up now from the large Father Christmas that Roger and I made earlier in the month at the
Corn Exchange in Leeds. There are over 100 pictures to view as we built the design, Father Christmas.

Trying to decide what’s next in this amazing world of balloons that I’ve been involved with for many a year, I have been entertaining for 38 years now and balloon modelling has always been a part of that although it was a few years down the line before I really caught the bug for the latex. I always think Balloon Chat should be called “My Life in Latex” There is a wealth of information there for the twister with loads of star lecture interviews, topics of the month and also a model of the month. Be careful though, once you look you might be there for quite some time. Balloon Chat.

So going forward, what shall we do, I’m having a good think on things as generally something happens and things in the past have naturally fallen into place. That might be the case again but early days and I’m pondering over things.

Now what will be the random balloon picture of the week as I’ve not been ballooning at home as much as usual lately, mainly because of sorting things out with my Dad passing and with us moving we have been kept busy. I’m sure we will find something or if not I will look back at some of my portfolio pages. Portfolio Pages.

I went with the Simba design we made over a year ago now.

Wishing everyone a very pleasant 2024, love and kisses to all XXxx.