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23rd January

Hi Everyone, hope all are well?
I did an impromptu little workshop down at my magic club on Thursday night. The plan was just for 10 mins but it ended up nearer to 40 mins, oops as I was waffling on about loads of things and what and how I like to present my magic shows. It seemed to go down well, I am lecturing at the Blackpool Magic Convention in a few weeks time. I’m running two workshops and Rob Driscoll who is helping on the stand this year is also doing a workshop as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone and fingers crossed the dreaded covid does not get in the way of things they have booked for the event.

We are planning on making the front section of a car for the stand this year for people to have a photo opportunity, in the past we have had a drum kit, motorbike, kitchen scene, and a few other designs to get people coming over to the stand. And yes I will be posting them as soon as we get back from the event.

We went up to London on Wednesday for a little balloon jam with a few friends, was nice to see everyone after so long. I think it’s nearly time to start the balloon days again, off travelling all over the UK. Will be fab to get out and about again, I have kept busy over the lockdown period with plenty of new designs being made. It keeps me out of trouble which is a good thing, he he.

Off to the Kent magic club on Tuesday night, I only attend this one now and again. They have a lecture night with one of the UK’s leading mentalists, Mark Paul. Looking forward to seeing the lecture and will be nice to also catch up with more people we have not seen for years it seems, mainly because I think it has been years since we have seen them.

We still have a few bargains on the old website with the discontinued items all on sale, they are in the 6″ hearts page, 321 page and then the geo blossom page, Balloon Art Wholesale.

That’s me for this week then, now should I mention the new website, oh go on then you twisted my arm. All that is left to do is update the home page and we are done, I’m having a little tutorial on how things work behind the website tomorrow. Its still a woo commerce site but the old website had not been updated for over 10 years so things have moved on and changed a little. So the site will be going live soon and we have had a few people ordering from it to test it out a little as well. I’m hoping we can go live on 1st February, all being well.

BalloonTube is 6 years old, well Facebook said we did the artwork for the channel 6 years ago. There are 94 tutorials on the site now if you would like to take a look, BalloonTube.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week, I went with the latest design I made for Sonic this week.
I was going for a more line work design here, there are a few variations and larger Sonic
designs over on Balloon Chat, they are over a couple of pages. Sonic.