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22nd March

Hi All, hope everyone is keeping fit and healthy in these very strange times that we are
living through at the moment.
I’m like everyone else with all entertaining work being cancelled or postponed and balloon sales dropping off to nearly nothing. Fingers crossed that they announce a rescue plan
for the self employed over the coming days.

I have been trying to keep myself busy so we have been cleaning the car from top to bottom and inside and out. Even spruced up the alloy wheels, T-Cut the paint work and today I will be giving it a full wax, its never looked so clean. Then next week its coating the decking and staining the warehouse, well its my log cabin. So trying to keep busy and still making a few balloon designs. This week we have made a few sharks, my love heart and un inflated flowers as the one I made at the balloon convention the other week came out with a purple haze and we needed a better picture for the new cover of my DVD 3, “A Romantic Twist” Rob is doing some new artwork for me.

Rob is also running a balloon a day challenge over on Facebook, its on The Balloon Artistes Guild page. Balloon Competition.

What else can I do to keep busy? Answers on a postcard please, he he.

I might get time to look into putting all my tutorials onto one platform. From re size and sending out a one time usable link on We Transfer, or on YouTube with Patreon or I might need to Google and see what else may be available. If you have any suggestions then please let me know, thanks xx. I’m not keen on putting the designs on a pay for site but things change in life, (nothing to do with the world situation at the moment though) and I’m like everyone else and do need to earn a few pennies. Perhaps I should just start a go fund me page 🙂

I’m still posting the pictures from the Blackpool Balloon Convention I attended the other week, we are still on day two so it will take possibly another 10 days to post them all. I think we have posted about 120 pictures at the moment. Blackpool Balloon Pictures.

If you wanted a balloon or two to try and make then BalloonTube has over 70 tutorials with the first 20 all one balloon designs and then going onto some multi balloon creations. Hope you enjoy, BalloonTube.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
This was my 30 minute competition entry, a little plug that
the full details on how to make the base and the un-inflated
flowers is on my DVD 3  “A Romantic Twist”
if anyone would like to purchase, A Romantic Twist DVD.