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21st Aug

So what has been happening this week Graham, well thanks for asking.
I have been doing a little DIY on the log cabin in the garden, decided what colour to paint the front of the house as our usual colour was discontinued. We have gone from Cornish to Buttermilk, just in case anyone was wondering.

All the pictures are up from the Sabina workshop, there are over 8 pages to view, Pictures.

Orders have been coming in from the website which is nice, we do have to pay the bills. We have special offers on the geo blossom balloons this month and some DVD’s are reduced by 50%, I have reduced my Geo DVD as well so you can get discounts all around.  Geo’s. DVD’s.

The big thing for this week is the launch of my YouTube channel, it was meant to go live back in January but I was a little slow. My channel I think is called BalloonTube but when I search for it I have to put BalloonTube with Graham Lee. The first tutorial is up and to be honest I have gone off the intro and outro clips, they already look a little dated to me especially when I look at others that are on the ball with this type of technology. I suppose we could get them done again but then where do you stop? Rob Driscoll kindly loaded it up for us and I will attempt to add tutorial two later today……………wish me luck. I expect I will be calling Rob for some advise, I think the subscribe button needs to be changed as on other people’s channel’s it’s right there to hit and with mine you have to click through to it. Also when I look up my page it just goes to the film and with others they seem to have a holding page. Thanks to Lord G for all the editing, much appreciated. This is the link if you would like to view, we have a one balloon Hippo this week and for next week a one balloon Rhino made form two balloons, he he……..best not to ask. Hope they will be of use to some?
BalloonTube with Graham Lee.

Care & Share Balloon Days

We have booked all the days now for 2016 with five more days for this year,
Lincoln 12th Sept
Northampton 4th Oct
Manchester 2nd Nov

The two day star lecture for Birmingham is now all confirmed for 29/30th Nov with Alberto Nava coming over from Italy t run the workshop on the 29th. I’m still to book the star lecture for day two on 30th Nov but will do so asap.
To book for any of the days, Booking. The days are free to club members with the care & share days at a very special early bird price if you are quick. Everyone is most welcome to attend the days, members and non members, if you could pass on the details and the dates to others that would be most appreciated…..Thanks!

Take care and off to find the random picture of the week.
The Rhino I built this week for the project that Guido Verhoef is organising.
Rhino Project