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1st March

Today is BalloonTube Sunday and the tutorial is the Wobbly Flower Bracelet, I first started to make this one at least 12 years ago or even longer. Hope its of use to quite a few, designs with movement are always fun to make. Wobbly Flower.

Its also the model of the month over on Balloon Chat, we have gone with the Cowboy Gun, the one thing I never mentioned on the tutorial was that it actually fires, can you work out how? Cowboy Gun.

It was the last day today for me doing the mini residency that we had for January and February, I know it was the 1st March today but they went with doing a full weekend rather than just the odd day. It was ballooning and three mini magic shows, I loved it and fingers crossed those watching did as well. Hoping they re book us later in the year as its a nice little venue to work with sensible breaks as well.

I have been looking into the YouTube Patreon page where people pay a monthly subscription to view your tutorials. I’m not 100% comfortable doing this but we do need to generate a little more income to keep the balloon club running. We did not have enough members last year to break even, so looking at other ways to generate a little extra so the club breaks even.

The other thing I might try first is a PayPal Thank You button on the website where people can donate a little if they wish……………would this work or would people just ignore it? It’s a bit of a dilemma as I’d love to keep it all free but the hours I do put in to keep the club running and then the cost of keeping the forum on line and also filming the tutorials and step by step designs for Balloon Chat as well. It does take up a vast amount of my time, don’t get me wrong I love it but we do have bills to pay like everyone else and at the moment its difficult times with less magic shows and balloon gigs about for everyone so less people are needing to buy product. So we have to look at other ways to help keep ticking over, if anyone does have some suggestions on raising a few pennies to help keep the club and forum running then please get in touch……………thanks XXxx

All the pictures are now up from the Blackpool Magic Convention. Pictures.

The next star lecture days are coming up, the first two days of April with Rob Driscoll on the 1st April with a Twisting workshop and then Tope on the 2nd April with a Deco-Twisting day. More details and to book, Star Lectures.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I know what it will be this week, the Magician David Crofts and I built at the Blackpool Magic Convention. Our interpretation of Lance Burton with Lance Burton in the picture as well. The rest of the pictures from Blackpool are on the link above.