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1st April

Today is a very special day for me, the balloon chat forum is 10 years old and the Balloon Artistes Guild is 7 years old.
We started both on the 1st April, it was not planned this way but just the way things fell. We are hoping the forum is going to be up-dated today, they have been working on it for the past 3/4 weeks and have all text and headings moved onto the new site and are working on the links and pictures. It would be fab if this all worked out but being honest we have had 5/6 other people working on the site and all have been unable to do any work due to the rather technical way balloon chat has been figured over the years behind the scenes.

So will today be the day? If not the plan is to lock the forum and I will start on a basic wordpress forum/blog.

It has been pretty stressful over the past month or so with the forum plus other goings on in the balloon world that surprise you and even shock you. That is down to others, I intend to carry on and just be me. I appreciate I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to the forum and the balloon artistes guild but I like to think my heart is in the right place and I have a love for the latex and we do try to help others in this crazy balloon world that we are all part off.

The two day event in Birmingham with Wallie de Groote turned out to be two fantastic days, so much laughter and a good tonic for all the other things that have been going on. I have started to add the pictures but it will take a while, Wallie de Groote.

We have booked the next two day star lecture days with Paul Brown on 11th June doing costumes/wearables and then the man himself, Patrick van de Ven for the 12th June. Both days are in Birmingham, for more details and to book, Patrick & Paul.
I’m off to the juggling convention on Wed for 5 days, I booked my very first Air B&B. I did have to look around a bit but I think that was my fault as I left it so late. Still all sorted and with off road parking.

There is also the London Balloon jam on the 17th April, more details via the facebook page. London Jam.

I will also be attending the Kent Face Painting Jam on the 10th April, again more details via the facebook page. Kent Face Paint.

And today is? Yes it is that time again, the first Sunday in the month and it’s BalloonTube Sunday. The tutorial is for the tank, there are some variations on balloon chat, Tank. To view the basic design on youtube, BalloonTube Tank.

Off to find the random balloon picture for the week.
I went with the latest model of the month for April.
The step by step instructions are up over on Balloon Chat, Sword.