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19th September

We have the next Zoom-A-Balloon virtual workshop on Tuesday 21st Sept, I will be explaining the Mario design that I have been working on over the past couple of weeks. I think we have three spaces left if anyone would like to join us? Mario Tutorial.

I had a last minute gig yesterday down next to Leeds Castle near Maidstone, It was really nice and enjoyable. Plenty for the children to do and myself twisting a few balloons……a lovely day.

We then have the free zoom for people who kindly purchased balloon product from us via the website in Sept, this is planed for October 5th and we will be explaining the Butterfly. Please get in touch for the meeting ID and password for this zoom, thanks.

Next weekend we are doing a school autumn fair with three 20 min shows booked in, they usually always run to 30 minutes as trying to keep things short and sweet is a little difficult sometimes. We then have the first in person balloon get together for Tuesday 12th October
at Halesowen near Birmingham. It’s only £15 to attend the day and we have four workshops planned with David Ellis, Amanda Smith, Rob Driscoll and myself.
We are all members of “The Balloon Artistes Guild”
Then there are two fun competitions you can join in with but only if you would like, they are just for fun with a couple of silly prizes that we give away as well. Booking details are here, Balloon Get Together.

We have had a few products on the website come back into stock and have another order arriving this week as well. We have all the chrome rounds available except for Gold chrome
in 7 and 11 inch. Balloon Art Wholesale.

The new website is being built, I have seen a few pages and pleased at the moment with the look and feel of the new site. Not sure how long it will take before going live, at a guess perhaps the end of October as I know behind the scenes there is lots to do as the site was not worked on or updated for 5 or 6 years and its a complete rebuild. I will keep you posted, we are having a few extra features added. Better not say to much in case the things we are trying do not work out but fingers crossed.

Last months snake tutorial on BalloonTube had the most hits in a day we have ever had for a new design, it was over 300, usually we are around the 200 views on the first day so it seems it was rather popular. BalloonTube Snake.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Thomas design we made a few weeks back now, there are some
variations on a thread over on Balloon Chat, Thomas Train.
a train1