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18th Sept

So what have you been up to this week Graham, well I’m please you asked, he he!
We drove up to Lincoln on Sunday to run the Lincoln care & share day on the Monday, we had a good turn out of approx. 23/24 people. Lincoln is a new area/venue for us so very pleased with the turnout so will hopefully make this a every other year venue. Back to Edinburgh next year, the pictures from the day I’m still adding to Balloon Chat and they should all be up over the next few days. Lincoln Pictures.
Thanks to Thelma Levett and David Ellis for running some workshops at the day,
very much appreciated.

We were then back to painting the house again, I generally manage a couple of hours a day as we have to fit it in with work and sending out orders etc. Just having a break from it at the moment while I update my blog, it’s surprising how much you ache where you had no idea you could ache there what with stretching over the ladders and holding a paint pot etc.

There are four more Care & Share days all booked and confirmed for 2016,
Northampton 4th Oct 12 till 5pm
Manchester 2nd Nov 10 till 5pm

If you are quick the Northampton day could be a free day as the coat to attend is £20 and on the super early bird special that includes four bags 260 classic modelling balloons.

Two day Star Lecture Event
Birmingham 29th Nov with Alberto Nava 10 till 6pm
Birmingham 30th Nov with Daz Cooper 10 till 5pm

For more info and booking details, Care & Share Days.

Off up to London on Tuesday as we have the return of the London Jam after the summer break, we are meeting at the pizza express in the upstairs room. I think this is just for a while till another venue is found. If anyone would like to attend, City of London Jam.

I’m just about to load up week 5 of the YouTube balloon tutorial, this week it’s a one balloon sword with a slight variation. At the days people do comment that it’s slightly different to the usual swords and it’s always nice to have a variation on a theme. If you could share the BalloonTube link that would be very much appreciated, perhaps I should run a competition to spread the word. Will have a chat with a few and see what the best solution might be. BalloonTube.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week to post,
be back in a minute.
I made the baby design possibly over 2 years ago now, I liked the belly button and
the play unit as I do remember we had these when our children were young.
baby 7