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14th Oct

So what have we been up to, I put another coat of stain on the smaller log cabin after giving it a quick rub down. Made the door fit better and having to secure a corner joint as it has come un-glued.

Then been up dating my balloon portfolio, I have started to add from Jan 2015, not sure if that is correct but I will look back when I get a little time. If you wanted to take a look then the thread on balloon chat is here, Balloon Portfolio.

Its the London balloon jam on Tuesday, I’m unable to make it as we are having all our taps updated and replaced on the same day. More info if you would like to attend from the facebook page, London Balloon Jam.

We have a slight technical problem with the forum, some of the pictures are not showing, we think it’s to do with the site not being secured with a https. So getting that looked at plus we noticed all the old facebook links before the website was updated only go to a 404 error now so that is being looked at as well.

Been twisting away as usual and back from the fourth convention/event in 5 weeks that I attended, the winter wonderland face painting event. The pictures are nearly up and should be within the next couple of days. Face Painting Event.

If you are after a balloon floor pump then we have the McPump for sale on the website and with the next order over from America they will be going up so to grab a bargain with the last one then be quick, McPump.

Off to have a look for the random balloon picture of the week.
Be back soon, I went with the motorbike that I originally made 10
years ago that I made a variation on a theme and up dated it a little.