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13th Dec

Balloon chat, the balloon forum. Balloonchat. I started the forum on the 1st April 2008, it has been a labour of love and something that I’m in too deep to leave. It has been well supported over the years, many thanks to all who have contributed, much appreciated. I believe it’s the last balloon forum standing, but to be honest I think that is mainly due to the posts that I keep putting up. I must say a few do keep posting now and again but it’s not like the good old days when so many posted and I struggled keeping up with everything, I have read every single post and we are over 75,000 now.

When we first started I did not have a clue on how to do anything technical, not even re-size a picture, there is a thread with people explaining to me how to do this. Over the years I have learnt this and that so that I could keep the forum up-dated and I still love adding pictures, instructions and hopefully helping people out along the way. That is nice and I really like seeing people posting a balloon model that I have designed, it’s a nice feeling if you can help people out along the way and as one of the saying’s go, “Let’s Improve Our Art”

There are star interviews, balloon instructions, topics every month on set up, insurance, entertaining and topic upon topic on how to be a better balloon modeller etc etc. Please take a few minutes to have a nose, I’m sure there is something for everyone.

It really is a wealth of information, just a shame it’s not used so much now. At it’s height we used to get 3500 unique visitors a month, we are now at 2500 viewing a month so still pretty good numbers but everyone just comes to look and as there is less and less to look at, then less come and look at less, and it’s a spiral. One could say people come to take, that is probably a little harsh but please remember no one is more emotionally attached to the forum than I am.

We just need a few to give and post now and again and then the spiral goes the other way, I promised after my last plea on facebook to never put anything like that on again, if people wanted to post onto the forum……..well then they would. Things come and go and at the moment it’s not the turn of balloon chat. Up until now I have been true to my word, and I still will, no plea’s on facebook. I’m just posting this here on my blog where I’m pretty sure no one comes to look so no one will be any the wiser. Life has it’s ups and downs and life sometimes can be cruel, as we British say “Keep your pecker up” stiff upper lip and all that…………he he!

I wonder what will happen with all the info on facebook if for any reason the on/off button is switched to off?
There is a wealth of info there as well, I do post the odd picture here and there on facebook with a link back to balloon chat. This has got me into trouble in the past, just check out my main facebook page, I left it all up if anyone wanted to read. I think I answered thoroughly there so will not comment here again, facebook page.

Love and kisses to everyone xx

Once more, a random balloon picture.
Rudolph, so a little Christmassy.