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23rd Oct

So what shall we talk about today? I know how about balloons, OK well if you insist.
This week was the City of London Jam, it was nice to meet up and go to our favourite Pizza Express and then to twist for a few hours back at the pub this time. We were given the VIP room which was a little better than our normal room.
I have posted the pictures up on the forum, Pictures.
The next jam is on the 8th Nov, City of London Jam.

I’m working with another twister this week in the real world, this does not happen too often but we did the job last year with Thelma Levett. Just after she had a very bad car accident, so it will be nice to be back working together, looking forward to it.

We have three care & share balloon days in November,
2nd Nov, Manchester with Daniel McCullough and myself running the workshops.

Then a two day event in Birmingham
29th Nov with a star lecture from Alberto Nava
30th Nov with a lecture from Daz Cooper.

To book onto any of the days, Booking details.

I had a couple of magic shows this weekend, the first show was one of those 1 in a 100 shows where everything just went right and one could not do anything wrong, it’s a great feeling seeing 35 children laughing away and also 25/30 adults as well. I really had a fabulous time and really enjoyed it.

I’m off out to try and paint the last of the front of the house today, it looks like it will not rain and it’s not too windy as I will be up the top of the ladder.

BalloonTube tutorial 10 is now up, this weeks it’s a one balloon parrot on a perch. A little different to what I have seen others do so hopefully it will be of use to a few. BalloonTube.

The castle big build has been in the news which is great, it was on BBC South East, a few local papers and then on Thursday night it was on prime time TV on the “Have I got News For you” programme. All the clips and links have been posted onto the thread on balloon chat which has nearly 100 pictures posted at the moment. I still have a few more to post
up in the coming week. The other good news was that Olivia Post who organised the event actually reached her target of £3000 to cover the expenses for the big build.
Castle Big Build.

Off to find the random picture of the week, be back in a minute.
This is Princess Poppy from the new Troll movie that is coming out pretty soon.